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About DCLS

Soft Wash, Power Wash, Snow & Ice Removal

We make Your Home LOOK LIKE NEW!

Eric Brilz, Owner/Operator

Eric is a long standing resident of Door County. He has an extensive background in landscaping, pond and home construction, both residential and commercial.

His prior experience with Hazmat allows him the skillset to proceed in a safe and secure manner while pressure washing, if the use of chemicals is deemed necessary. For the past six years, Eric’s experience involved operating and maintaining heavy equipment, performing property maintenance and working heavily in forest management. This unique background affords Eric the opportunity to assist homeowners with their property upkeep and other needs. His interest and research in the field of pressure washing is additive to his previous work experience such that he will be able to provide a level of service that will exceed your expectations.

What can DCLS do?

The better question might be what can’t it do. Our state of the art, pressure wash, power wash and soft wash system has the capability to dial in specific chemical mixtures, with neutralizing solutions, water and other appropriate agents to preserve and protect your home, deck and vegetation. Also there is heat and the ability to use steam at nearly 300 degrees. You can imagine where this might be helpful.

  • Conventional applications for homes, decks and fencing.
  • Ice dams in winter causing water damage can be melted away.
  • Shoreline structures threatened by ice shoves are no match for 300 degree steam.
  • Heavy equipment tracked vehicles with frozen ice and mud is child’s play for hot water, steam and pressure.
  • Concrete walks, driveways, patios, shop floors can be made like new again.
  • Brick facades, commercial buildings can be made like new again too.
  • You might say that we like to make things new.