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Pressure Washing with State of the Art Equipment.

Soft Washing, Power Washing for Residential and Commercial Applications.

 “We make YOUR Home LOOK LIKE NEW!”



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Residential Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Winter Ice & Snow Removal

Full Service Residential & Commercial Cleaning



Is your house, roof, gutters, deck or driveway covered in mold, rust or stains?  We have the capabilities to properly soft wash and power wash to spruce up, protect and preserve your home to look like new again!


Finding your trailer or plow plagued with rust?  No problem.  With our high volume sandblasting, we’ll give it a fresh look ready for that new coat of paint!


Is your business needing a makeover?  Is your building glazed or discolored?  Are your walkways muddy?  Fencing layered in mildew or moss?  Gutters growing trees?  We are the solution.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

DC Liquid Solutions LLC is fully insured, local, professional and reliable. Please contact us if we can be of service.

Services Offered

Snow Removal

The biggest plow on the shortest truck equals access to tight spaces.

House Siding

Properly cleaning your siding periodically will keep it fresher and newer for longer.  Our goals are to preserve and protect!

Gutter Cleaning

Are your downspouts clogging? Did you mean to clean out those gutters last fall and forgot? We’ll clear those out for you in no time at all!


You may think that the sun and rain keeps your roof clean enough. Not true. Like siding and decks, the build up of dirt and mold needs to be treated periodically.  

Floors/Hard surfaces

Nothings cooler than seeing whats under all that muck. You’d be surprised, and you’ll wonder why in heaven’s name didn’t I do this sooner?

Ice Dam Removal

Have you had water running from the ceiling down your windows?  The water backing up needs egress to the ground. Steam can do that.

Heavy Equipment

I’ve used heavy equipment for years. I’ve fixed it. It’s so much easier if it’s cleaned. Is it rusting?  We can sandblast it. If the tracks freeze up in the winter…You know who to call!

Service Areas

We immediately serve the Sturgeon Bay Area.  However, we are power washing and soft washing throughout Door County; from Ellison Bay, Sister Bay, Ephraim, Fish Creek, Egg Harbor, Bailey’s Harbor, Jacksonport, Sevastapool, Carlsville to Brussels.  Contact Us as we DO make exceptions for areas such as Gills Rock and Algoma!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Customers

"Eric has done much work for me over the years and I have been continually impressed by his work ethic, drive, and attention to detail. If he can do it he will, and if he feels there is a better alternative, he will tell you. Honest, hard working--that's Eric."

"I used to think that power washing meant a small wheeled engine and 2800 psi. Wrong. The conventional home power washers deliver about 3 gallons per minute, if it's a good one. DC Liquid solutions does 3200 psi at 8 gallons per minute. Then if you add soap, bleach, heat, steam. It's pure magic."

"I have a huge driveway, more of a parking lot really, and lots of planting beds on the margin. Eric came out before first snowfall and marked the perimeters. My irises will thank him next spring."

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